Riggin Shudder

Gnome out of his depth


Mount Nevermind is a bastion of progress. Unbound cleverness and a relentless drive for progress feeds the souls of the gnomes of Krynn. Pursuing their generation-spanning life quests, they seek to probe all facets of the universe to discover something new, amazing, or just strange.

From birth, gnomes are given their life quest. This all-consuming goal ensures a place in the afterlife for the clever, as well as any ancestors that failed to complete this same quest. It’s understandably alarming when no one will tell you anything about your quest, your parents, or your family. In a society that takes great pains to document all things genealogical, a complete absence of family records is unheard of.

Even gnomish names are essentially the entire history of his family, his entire history and the history of everything which he has invented. When referring to Riggin, however, elder gnomes merely shudder after his given name. This has led to perhaps the shortest name in gnomish history, but has also left Riggin with precious few clues as to his life quest.

With the disposition of his eternal soul and those of his parents and innumerable ancestors in jeopardy, Riggin must discover his life quest. Granted, this would be easier if one of the (common) explosions in Mount Nevermind’s research division hadn’t enveloped him in a fiery flash. On regaining consciousness, he was surprised to find himself in a strange dungeon.

Riggin Shudder

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