Alfred Banon


Name: Alfred Banon
Alias: The Red Hand or The Hand
House symbol: Red hand with an open palm

Alfred is the spawn of a brief and violent love affair between Aldrian Banon (a female berserker in her 60s) and Rye Givens (a local baker in his 30s). Rye, philanthropist and pillar of the community, ran several of the local businesses in a town in the outlands that was overtaken by “The Red Hand” and her legion. After the attack Commander Aldrian stalked into the local bakery covered in blood, Rye poked his head from under the counter covered in…flour. It was love at first sight. Well, no it wasn’t, but it was something at first sight. Rye was never heard from again.

Alfred, was raised by his many brothers and sisters…and nieces and nephews. When your oldest brother (Torrin) is 40, and his oldest daughter (Terren) is 20, receiving the news that your new uncle has been born is…well it’s a little weird. Especially when Terren’s son (Basht) was born only 2 days after little uncle Alffie.

Alfred and Basht grew up side by side, receiving lessons daily from whichever family member wasn’t currently out “Laying the Red Hand” on some unfortunate fool. Alfred has been exposed to many different fighting styles and has always felt like he had a solid, well-rounded understanding of how to take down any combatant, or group of combatants.

Every member of house Banon fights for the sole purpose of increasing the reputation of their house sigil. It has been two weeks since his 20th birthday. The day members of his family traditionally take up a contract with the most well known mercenary guild that is courting them, or enlists in an army.

It has been two weeks since the most important day of his life, and he’s in a jail cell…

It has been two weeks since he met…him.

Gods! What he wouldn’t give for a nice sourdough right now.


Fulfill contract
Expand repute of house
Openly display house emblem at all times
Post battle kill ritual – using a bag of red paste/paint, Alfred will lay the red hand on any combatants felled by his hand. This applies to killing blows, only.

Wears a Grey Swords mercenary medallion: external ring shows Grey Swords mercenary guild info, internal ring shows house sigil. Open palm if no contract. Fist if under contract.

Combat style:

Is not a fan of heavy armor. Prefers to dodge blows over absorbing them. Goes where he feels he is most needed. His favored weapons are Bastard Sword, Spear, and Dual Longswords (usually for dueling). In that order.

Alfred Banon

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