Spark Reginald

Red haired humanoid with a mistevious smirk


Spark is a shortish half dwarf/half elf bard. He has bright red wild hair, brown eyes, and wears leather outfits reminiscent of a dwarfs, but with a lot more style. He’s very handsome and has a way with the ladies and, on occasion, some men. He is a very smooth talker and makes the boast that he can “sell a clock to a toad demon”. Whether or not this is true has yet to be proven.

- Believes he is the center of the universe
- Believes he is a reincarnation of the Phoenix and is trying to perform to rites to realize that
- Will flirt with any mildly attractive being
- Despite flirtatious nature, is mostly afraid of sex and easily embarrassed by it
- Easily distracted
- Huge sense of guilt over stealing Father’s clock. Always looking for a way to atone.


Spark grew up traveling the outlands with his father Gret Clockmaker. Gret was a clock maker in the primes when he got mixed up with a sorcerer who brought him to the planes. He continues to make and sell clocks that despite all odds continue to work properly in the planes. Not many people are in need of such sophisticated timepieces, so Gret was forced to become a traveling salesman.
One night, after a particularly great day of clock selling, Gret got very drunk and ended up sleeping with a very tall and very drunk woman. When Spark later asked about his mother, Gret smirked and said “Laddie, if you ever get a chance to climb a tree like that, you take it”. After that night, Gret and the mysterious woman went their separate ways. Several months later, Gret awoke in his camp to the cries of a baby with a note attached to it “Spark Reginald”.

Spark was a wild child, always getting in mischief and causing pranks, but helpful with selling clocks as he had a way of relaxing people. Gret hoped to bring his son up in the ways of the Dwarfs: order, craftsman ship, low ceiling dwellings: but Spark could never stand still long enough for it.

One day, when Spark was a teenager, they were visiting a Signer village just outside of the Beastlands. The signers believe that the each one of them is the center of the multiverse and everyone else is just a figment of the imagination. Here Spark finally came to terms with what he had known his whole life: he was the center of the universe. Suddenly everything he’d ever experienced made sense!

While they were in the village he heard the tale about the phoenix and its eternal cycle of rebirth and became absolutely convinced that he was the reincarnation of a phoenix.

Gret was not happy about any of these developments and chided his son constantly for his poor, non structured philosophy. Angry at his father, Spark ran away, stealing the grand clock that his father had made for the Fraternity of Order. He later sold that clock to another faction of the Order so he could hire a mercenary for protection.

Spark Reginald

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