Tormented Aasimar Cleric


Tharus is both resplendent and haggard reflecting his heritage and state of mind. While he is generally calm he constantly shifts his gaze from shoulder to shoulder as if having a mental discussion. He frequently addresses each shoulder in turn in attempts to moderate the battle going on upon his shoulders. When he does address someone his words are generally convincing and his path well thought out.


Tharus arrived on the prime material plane almost 30 years ago along with his two seemingly permanent companions, Lumen and Grix (names subject to change). Lumen and Grix (an angel and devil respectively) have inhabited Tharus’ shoulders ever since he was a baby. They proffer their advice freely which inevitably leads to the two bickering incessantly and Tharus’ has rarely had a moment of silence throughout his life. As they are invisible to everyone but him, he seems to be possessed by a rare madness that is wholly cogent but completely incomprehensible. To a listener catching maybe a third of the conversation his rantings and behavior are inexplicable. Tharus has spent his life weighing the advice of each companion and while an aasimar has frequently “slipped” by listening to the best advice offered by Grix. While at first they are a seemingly awful parasite, they are also the source of Tharus’ power. Perhaps one day they will answer his prayers for silence.

He has recently been committed to the local mental asylum or “jail” as the local mental asylum has yet to be built.


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