The Planes are Broken

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1

Hall of records has collapsed, now what?

After the sudden and inexplicable collapse of the Hall of Records and the impressive display of hype-man-cum-lawyering by the famed Spark, you find yourselves in the “company” of seven hardened guards. While they are polite, the maintain that you MUST accompany them to the captain for questioning.

As you move north west towards the Harmonium compound you are able for the first time, to look at your surroundings. What you see is puzzling. Impeccably maintained, the streets give the impression of recent abandonment. Nearly half of the visible storefronts at any given time are boarded up. Passerby move quickly, backs hunched as if awaiting a blow from some unknown source. Silence hangs heavy. Metals of all sorts line the edges of nearly every surface reflecting a harsh afternoon sun. Massive clockwork machines move in perfect harmony, driving the wheels of some unseen industry. Yet even these behemoths of the Laws of Engineering show the signs of looming decay. A few, far south and east of you now, are stopped entirely. Far to the north east a windmill swings erratically.

Pondering, you arrive at the Harmonium’s Headquarters. A gleaming, pristine, and dark fortress, a sense of perfect order seems to flow outward into the surrounding neighborhoods. Here there is a palpable sense of calm, and the citizens seem to move with more pleasure and less fear. The roads are noticeably cleaner and more of the shops are open.

You are quickly led through the front gates and into a small waiting room. After about ten minutes, a large powerfully built human steps into the room. His eyes have a look of grim determination, and his jaw is set to the side as if he is chewing on something.

“I understand you came through The Gateway. We would have met with you sooner, but that damn Angel never tells us anything.” His tone is friendly and he motions for you to join him in sitting.

“You are the first to come through the Gate is over a month. How did you do this?”


My formatting suggestion: I’ll write a prompt, less than one page in length, for us to start these written sections. after the prompt everyone responds.

A response should be about a paragraph (??) Maybe two depending, but try to keep it short ish.

Keep it in character and try to keep it ‘resonable’ in the narrative given at your discretion.

You can ask to make checks (investigate or whatever) and I’ll tell you about people or places.


While being escorted by guards through the more unseemly parts of this city, Alfred begins to wonder if this isn’t a trap of some variety or another, and puts himself in the best position to defend Spark. (herding him to the middle of the group)

Investigation roll of 11 (12 -1) to see if the passerby’s reaction is due to the guards presence or something else.

The guard’s central HQ looks reputable however, so he is put a bit at ease.

The man in charge appears to be an imposing figure (how does he measure up to me? 6’3" 205 lbs (toight pants)), but he seems affable enough. I relay to him that “We were sent to investigate a strange occurrence in a far off land. We entered some sort of structure that appeared to be in some disrepair. There were many gears within the structure, gears like you have here. After some…investigation we triggered two portals to open. Something very dangerous looking began to come out of one of them, and with little time to escape we jumped through the remaining portal. That is how we ended up here.”

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1

(The guards seem to calm the passerby, not agitate them. The leader is at least 6’6" and looks like a grizzled veteran of countless battles).

He stares at you intently as you describe your journey.

“This is troubling. The machine you describe, I have heard of it. It is known as The Heart of Mechanus. That you encountered it outside of its home plane is dire news.”

He closes his eyes in thought and continues. He sounds very tired.

“The city is in crisis. Normally dependable men have been falling to pieces, looting, rioting, attacking guardsmen in the street. I’ve needed to keep several priests working round the clock to maintain the wards on the building.”

He looks at you again, his gaze hitting you like a bag of dicks..

“I need someone to go to the City Below and talk to Aurach The Devil Queen. She is as aggressive about the laws of our city as I and something very… disorderly is afoot. Do this and the Harmonium shall be in your debt.”

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1

After being “encouraged” a couple of times to not dart off to investigate something interesting on the way to the city, Riggin finds himself being drug by the collar by one of the less patient guards. Fortunately, this gives him more opportunity to look at the surrounding buildings without the troublesome need to watch his step.

His attention is snapped into focus upon hearing of Aurach The Devil Queen. The obvious questions are brought up, is she a queen of devils, a devil that happens to be a queen, or merely defying normal devil gender roles. Actually, Riggin is unsure of devil reproduction lore. Perhaps they are spore-based. Will have to remember to research later. It wouldn’t do to use the improper pronoun or …
Riggin’s thoughts on this matter will be truncated for your sanity
What’s important is that he searches his mind for any information he might have read on the Devil Queen, or Devil Queens in general. [Rolled 17 Religion+5/History+5].

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1

(Based on some follow up conversation and descriptions of Aurach you come up with the following:

Aurach the Devil Queen -

Known Alias’: Auchian, The Angel Killer, Holder of Devil Law, Guardian of Hells Gate, The Dark Queen Of The Under City, Lady Of Malicious Application Of Law.

Alignment: LE.

Lore: On Riggin’s Home Planet she is known as Calizx the Despot. It is said that over a millennia ago she made her way to Krin, and after secretly managing the ascension of several evil empires in the service of Takhisis, she vanished. She is known as the Angel Killer for her formidable combat prowess, and is said to have slain at least three Angels.

You also remember that Devils are Extremely Lawful, and while she will apply the law as cruelly as possible, she will never directly disobey the law.

Riggin: 100 xp for the successful lore role)

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1

Spark is extremely annoyed at how Alfred is fussed over him on the way to the HQ, in fact this whole city is just rubbing him the wrong way. “All these goddamn rules” he mutters to himself. Once in the HQ, he notices how the guards don’t move or speak when they aren’t doing anything.

“I’m going to get one of them to talk to me” he decides, and marches up to a robust, but attractive, female guard. He snaps to attention right in front of her, keeping his back stiff, and salutes in an exaggerated manner. “How goes the watch ma’am?” He tries to make his voice stern.

She continues to stare straight ahead, making no acknowledgement of Spark.

In no way phased, Spark (in his most authoritative lawyer voice) continues “Permission to initiate conversation for purposes of gossip exchange and or flirting pursuant to section 20, paragraph 4 of the hosting tourists manual” Spark throws another salute in, hoping that’ll make him seem more official.
(CHA check 17 (14+3))

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1

She looks at you for a moment and smiles slightly. You notice she has short, sharp fangs. She whispers quickly and quietly

“Stop talking Or I’ll be forced to kick you out. I’m Talixiani. I’m off shift at 8 tonight. Meet me at the Harmonius Hand and we can have a drink”

She winks slightly, and becomes even more rigid then before, completely ignoring all future attempts at conversation.

A City in Chaos - TPaB-Ep1
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